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Electrical Utility Applications

LiDAR Services provides many different mapping and data collection services for the electrical utility industry, from preliminary route mapping and environmental evaluation to as-built transmission line facility georeferencing. The mapping for each of these project styles has unique requirements, analysis and deliverables and can be addressed by our in-house expertise to develop proprietary solutions.  LiDAR Services partners with electrical engineering teams to provide one stop project services from data collection and analysis through to transmission line re-rating and construction. LiDAR Services has several years of experience in successfully applying aerial LiDAR and Imaging surveys in support of NERC Reliability Standards FAC-003 for vegetation and FAC-008 for facility rating analysis.

Environmental Applications

LiDAR Services has performed LiDAR mapping services on industry specific projects involving aspects of environmental analysis. Recently several projects have been commissioned for solely environmental purposes. These projects have extended beyond the traditional LiDAR topographic requirements of their respective industries to include a more focused data collection approach on environmental conditions and issues which may not be captured under normal LiDAR collection operations. LiDAR Services has addressed these projects in a two-fold approach by customizing both the data collection field procedures and LiDAR systems. These optimized field procedures coupled with the addition of enhanced sensors tailor a data collection campaign to meet the client’s objectives. Several recent projects completed by LSI have been in the field of watershed and flood analysis, forestry health and geologic stratigraphy mapping. Electrical Utility Applications

Forestry Applications

The LiDAR Services team has been involved in several aspects of forestry LiDAR from cut block identification and access road engineering to biomass volumetric and temporal change analysis. The latest waveform scanning laser technology opens up new data sets for foresters to enhance their understanding of vegetation conditions and environments with less field time and access to larger sample areas.

Mining Applications

LiDAR Services has been involved in several new and exciting areas in the mining industry including DTM and volumetric mapping, and projects involving time-sequenced topographic modeling to facilitate subsidence monitoring, and precision slope determination for ore slurry pipeline engineering. LiDAR mining projects have been completed on three continents and a wide range of environments, from the boreal forest and plains of Canada to the jungles of Borneo and Madagascar. Mining companies are now implementing ortho-mosaic imagery to assist in their engineering analysis of the project areas.

Oil & Gas Applications

LiDAR Services has experience in oil field LiDAR collection spans many sub-categories, from seismic topographic mapping to engineering and as-built facility mapping of pipelines corridors, access roads and utility right of ways. The MATRIX LiDAR fixed-wing installation kit allows cost competitive bids on the tenders that require a wide area mapping approach. The LiDAR Services team of experts can deliver the data in a wide array of formats allowing quick and painless integration into your own specific software packages.

Pipeline Applications

The LiDAR Services team has collected LiDAR survey pipeline corridor data for proposed water pipeline routes, ore slurry pipelines and other corridor applications. The highly detailed topographic information obtained from the LiDAR surveys is being used in all phases of the pipeline project, from route selection to engineering design and construction. The airborne LiDAR topographic data and digital imagery can be used to optimize alignment of new route corridors and project life-cycle analysis.


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